Coconut Grove

Founded in the late 1800s and characterized by its tree-lined streets, lush parks and gracious residences favored by artists, intellectuals and those seeking an oasis of tranquility within reach of Miami’s legendary excitement.

Featuring lush waterfront parks and marinas combine to create a classic South Florida lifestyle, where it’s easy to spend days at leisure in the region’s tropical climate. From sunset sailing and tennis to biking or running along miles of trails and pathways, Coconut Grove is a place for people who love to embrace the outdoors.

Locals and visitors also enjoy a vibrant cultural and culinary scene that encompasses everything from private galleries to a year-round calendar of festivals and events in celebration of art, food and music.

With ancient trees and verdant parks, the heart of Coconut Grove is a picturesque place to spend time catching up with friends over brunch, sip cappuccino at an outdoor café or drift in and out of shops.

Source wikipedia


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