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Miami Museum of Science

Miami Museum of Science Builidng night

Miami Museum of Science

Patricia and Philip Frost Museum of Science

Watch an interactive video showcasing this amazing Museum inside and out.

Museum Park: An Inviting Waterfront Site
Soaring upwards from Biscayne Bay, MiaSci will share the city’s 40-acre Museum Park with the new Miami Art Museum, creating a powerful cultural magnet in downtown Miami. In this vibrant new city park, MiaSci will enjoy a waterfront setting amid public gardens, fountains, pools and natural Florida landscaping. Visitors to MiaSci will be able to stroll down to the bay, relax in the garden or enjoy outdoor games in an inviting South Florida setting.

Miami Museum of Science building street

A key attraction in the city’s open-air waterfront Museum Park, Miami Museum of Science will be located east of Biscayne Boulevard, south of I-395 between the new Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts and the American Airlines Arena in downtown Miami. Museum Park is easily accessible via the downtown Miami Metromover system, which connects with the countywide Metrorail and Metrobus transit systems. In addition, Museum Park will have extensive underground parking to accommodate museum visitors.

Designed to provide a welcoming environment in keeping with South Florida’s unique subtropical climate, Miami Museum of Science incorporates advanced communications and energy-conservation technology, as well as a host of visitor-friendly features. Structured around a lushly landscaped indoor and outdoor ‘living core’ of terrestrial and aquatic exhibits, featuring one-of-a-kind aquarium components, a state-of-the-art digital dome, hands-on exhibits and interactive digital technology, Miami Museum of Science will offer one of the world’s most exciting museum experiences. Every aspect of the three-story, 250,000-square-foot MiaSci building is designed to inspire the mind, engage the senses and stimulate the imagination.

Miami Museum of Science Contruction Aspect
What makes the structure of the Patricia and Phillip Frost Museum of Science so special? Many building are made up of a series of rectangles, each story the same as the one below it. The Museum on the other hand, is made up of four separate buildings – each one is a different shape, each level is a different size, shape, height, or configuration from the one below it, and many parts of the structure are visible from every angle. From a concrete construction perspective, all of that means there is no repetition. Each story, column, beam, and floor needs to be individually considered in terms of engineering and aesthetics (remember, concrete is all about “STEAM”).

Miami Museum of Science aquarium

A central feature of the Museum will be the 500,000 gallon Gulf Stream aquarium tank, which will be supported by six unique concrete columns.

Miami Museum of Science aquarium top

The Patricia and Phillip Frost Museum of Science is not simply a museum, and it’s not simply a building. It is a shining example of how innovation and sustainable methods, materials, and approaches can be an integrated into all aspects of grand new project. From the development of the exhibits and programs to the smart and green functionality of the building itself, the Museum will highlight south Florida environments in indoor and outdoor exhibits such as a 600,000 gallon Gulfstream aquarium – all within a facility designed to set the standard of environmental stewardship in energy efficiency, water conservation, sustainable materials, and more.

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The following images illustrate why MiaSci will truly be a museum of the 21st Century.

Miami Museum of Science Building

Miami Museum of Science building street 2

Miami Museum of Science building close up

Miami Museum of Science aquarium top

Miami Museum of Science interior

Miami Museum of Science interior 2