Robot Valet: Miami’s Brickell House To Feature High-Tech Automated Parking Garage (VIDEO)

A condo building under construction in Miami just might threaten the city’s infamous army of valets — with glowing robots that summon cars by text message.

In true over-the-top Miami fashion, the Brickell House condo — which breaks ground this summer — will contain a $6.5 million automated parking garage with Roomba-like robot platforms moving vehicles up and down elevator lifts and into slotting parking spots.

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The massive garage of Brickell House will hold more than 480 vehicles, to be moved and reorganized by 30 robots and 5 lifts as residents return cars for parking or order them for retrieval. The system promises users will have their vehicles within 3 minutes of issuing commands by smartphone, tablet or text messaging. (Sure beats setting off your car alarm in a cramped garage to find your vehicle — not that we’ve ever done such a thing).

“Just drive into the central loading area and park. There is no need to drive up and down ramps searching for a space, nor do you have to remember where you parked your car,” boasts a press release from Boomerang Projects, which has previously installed similar systems in garages in New Jersey, Mississippi, and Kansas.

Boomerang claims its robot valets are more green alternative to traditional parking since cars will remain powered down throughout the parking process, and garage lighting and ventilation requirements will be lessened since humans won’t need access to the space.

Presumably, with no Miami drivers behind the wheel, there’s even exponentially smaller chances of fender benders, dings, or birds being flipped before you even hit the street

The Huffington Post | By Christiana Lilly

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